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All of our meats are 100% halal, grown by local Ontario farmers.  All of our food is seasoned with fresh ingredients and slow cooked in Olive Oil imported from Spain, and or real Avocado Oil manufactured and imported by trusted brands.

     A taste of the Caribbean, We are a family owned and operated business inspired by knowledge and love for cooking that has been passed down for generations. We are well known for our flavourful dishes like the scorch jerk chicken and our crispy scorch fried chicken. Our meat products are 100% halal, from meat raised by our local Canadian farmers. Our team is dedicated to providing that one of a kind traditional Jamaican Cuisine  flavour that keeps our devoted customers happy.We strive to provide a clean and welcoming environment , with a standard for quality that exceeds our customers expectations.

    Scorch Shrimp, seasoned with our freshest imported spices and cooked in olive oil. Is one of our favourite dishes on the menu. Served with your choice of rice, pasta, or veggies made fresh for your pleasure.

     Lamb steak, try our lightly seasoned lamb steak which is 100% halal for that tender flavourful lamb barbecue taste. All our meats are seasoned with fresh ingredients and cooked or marinated in olive oil. 

     Scorch Fry , One of our top Ranked dishes. Our crispy fried chicken recipe has been passed down in our family for generations, it is as must try when dining from our menu, for that classic Jamaican fried chicken taste.

    Boom Jerk, Our slow cooked Jerk Chicken is one of our spicier dishes, offered in leg and thigh and Jerk Wings, Try Jamaica's Famous Jerk Chicken. An Island tradition that has passed the test of time as one of the most popular dishes around the world.


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